Introducing Focus Builder

The Focus Builder App consists of a variety of eye exercises which can be programed to be part of a specific brain rehabilitation program. A clinician trained in functional neurology should be able to customize an individualized program for you.


*It is vital that all Focus Builder exercises be prescribed and customized by a trained clinician.

Upcoming Features - Doctors
Upcoming Features - Patients
  • Brain rehab exercises at home

    This App was designed to provide doctors with the ability to prescribe individualized brain rehabilitative exercises for patients with brain based neurological conditions.

  • Find a doctor near you

    When you download this App for free, you can locate a doctor near you that can help you customize a protocol for you that is appropriate to your condition.

  • Stay connected to your doctor remotely

    You have the option to allow your doctor to view recordings of your eyes when performing your prescribed exercises. If you allow it, your doctor can also track how often you do your exercises and for what duration. This feature can be very valuable to your progress by providing your doctor with insight about if you should do more or less moving forward.

  • Communicate with your Doctor

    If you have any questions about your exercises, you can send a message to your doctor directly via the Focus Builder messaging system.

About Us

Focus Builder was created by NeurdSolutions, which was founded by Cedrick Noel, DC and Jason Whittaker, DC. Dr Whittaker and Dr Noel are Board Certified Chiropractic Neurologists, dedicated to provide a means for doctors and patients to have access to the latest brain rehabilitative techniques.

NeurdSolutions has transformed Focus Builder into the most complete App for brain rehab and optimize it's functionality.